Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin #

I love taking fotos, like being outdoors and like animals. Living in a large city, it is not exactly easy to get in touch with donkeys or sheep. A very simple way to combine all three preferences here is to visit Tierpark Berlin. Being larger than your average zoo, most bawns are rather roomy with lots space outside and inside.

Little more than one year ago I received a great birthday present from Thilo: It is possible to purchase a one year ticket for that park. Since we’ve been there pretty often. In spring when most animal babies are born, in summer to escape heat in town, in winter when all paths are white of snow.

One attraction we usually do not want to miss are the pelicans (Thanks to p_h_o_t_o_m_i_c who took the picture below):

<img src="/tintenpatrone.jpg" alt=“Tinte” />

If you are wondering “What’s that thing hanging ‘round her neck?” Whenever I have some spare time left, I usually take my camera with me. It’s not particularly new, not even a digital one. My parents already used it during vacation before I was born. It’s a Praktika Nova 1 - capable of taking breathtakingly beautiful images:
<img src="/praktika.jpg" alt=“praktika” />

There’s just one catch: The camera is not self focussing, nor does it come with an internal exposure meter. Instead the one I have is to be used separately before taking the picture.

However even after reading just a tiny little bit about f-numbers, exposure times initial pictures I took four years ago were astonishingly beautiful. Since I regularly tend to go out just for taking pictures.