Third Apache Dinner Berlin

Third Apache Dinner Berlin #

Today the third Dinner for Apache committers and friends took place in Berlin. We met in Schöneberg at Marcello Berlin for pizza, pasta, wine, beer … and lots of discussions.

It always surprises me to see how many Apache related people there are in Berlin. This time we had Peter from Tomcat, Daniel and Simon with Vera from Lucene, Eric from http components, four guys from the svn project (Welcome again at the ASF), Oswald and myself and Thilo.

We scheduled the meetup comparably early - at about 6:30p.m. - giving the parents among us the chance to attend with their children: Looks like some projects recruit their new project members pretty early ;)

Next time we will meet some time before or after Apache Retreat in April. Then again organised (as in “set a date”, “reserve a table at your favourite restaurant”, “call your friends”) by another Apache committer in Berlin. If you would like to join us, or are a committer yourself interested in finding out about other people in town with the same affiliation, do not hesitate to contact me: I’ll make sure you are included in the next vote on the dinner date.

PS: Why on earth do user meetups in Berlin always have the tendancy of growing and growing and growing? ;)