Teddy in Sweden

Teddy in Sweden #

Some picture taken all the way up in northern Sweden:

Those picture were taken mid-June. That means what looks like Teddy sitting in the afternoon sun actually was taken 20min before midnight some 40km south of the arctic circle at Camp Frevisören - an incredible spot to start the day on a canoo:

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(That little half-isle that stretches into the ocean.)

If you ever travel that far north, make sure to stop by at Hulkoff.se. We got the tip only a few days before we left asking a Swedish friend where to go to see midsummer. Though he is not from that very area he recommended going there if we get a chance - and that turned out a beautiful idea: Not only is the restaurant/ conference venue nicely located just a few km before Finland - they also serve most tasty meals!

PS: In case you’re wondering what that monkey on the pictures is - it’s Teddy’s new friend “Herr Nielson” - the little squirrel monkey that is the best friend of the strongest girl in the world.