Teddy in Chicago

Teddy in Chicago #

Last week I spent several days in Chicago mainly to attend a few meetings at the local Nokia/Navteq office. Though the schedule was pretty packed, a few hours remained to explore the then frosty and windy city:

Top three images: Some impressions of the city. Bottom left: Teddy’s new friend. Bottom right: Situation at ORD when flying out - fortunately both, the airport as well as the airline (Swiss) have quite some experience with challenging weather conditions so that we could leave without too much delay.

As usual I wondered whether there are any Apache people close by. So before flying in I checked our committers map. As there were a few people in that general area I sent a brief heads-up to the greatly under-advertised, private, non-archived, committers only list p arty@apache.org. In case you’ve never heard about it: The main use case of that list is to provide a means for committers to arrange for meeting up with fellow Apache people and share travel details.

As a result I received a brief list of things to do in Chicago and got to attend a small but really nice meetup. Having a means to get in touch with locals can make such a difference - thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully next time I’m there weather is as warm - would love to explore the (at least according to my travel guide book) beautiful nature of the great lakes.