Learning To Rank

A short, incomprehensive history of spam and counter measures

April 11, 2024
ranking, recommendations, adverserial learning, Learning To Rank, spam, social media, hacks

A short, incomprehensive history of spam and counter measures # “… it should be clear that improvements in communication tend to divide mankind …” by Harold Innis in Changing Concepts of Time This post was triggered by multiple conversations in my big data circle of friends. All conversations agreed on some important topics: Social media sites these days are influential on the daily life of people globally. With that influence comes an incentive to use these sites to influence behaviour and public opinion. ...

Seminar on scaling learning at DIMA TU Berlin

March 17, 2010
Learning To Rank, dima, dups, NOSQL, Science, mapreduce, Mahout, topic tracking, topic detection, hbase, pnuts, TU Berlin

Seminar on scaling learning at DIMA TU Berlin # Last Thursday the seminar on scaling learning problems took place at DIMA at TU Berlin. We had five students give talks. The talks started with an introduction to map reduce. Oleg Mayevskiy first explained the basic concept, than gave an overview of the parallelization architecture and finally showed how jobs can be formulated as map reduce jobs. His paper as well as his slides are available online. ...

Learning to Rank Challenge

March 9, 2010
Mahout, Science, Learning To Rank, ICML

Learning to Rank Challenge # In one of his recent blog posts, Jeff Dalton published an article on currently running machine learning challenges. Especially interesting for those working on search engines and interested in learning new rankings from data should be the Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge to be held in conjunction with this year’s ICML 2010 in Haifa, Israel. The goal is to show that your algorithm does not only scale on real-world data provided by Yahoo! ...