Apache Board of Directors - a retrospective

March 28, 2019
Apache, board, director, oss governance
Apache, board, director

Apache Board of Directors - a retrospective # Last term I had the honour of serving on the ASF board of directors, better explained in context of the ASF governance structure. As quite a few directors (myself included) declined to run for the board this year again, I thought it would be a good idea to think about the past term, write that down and publish those thoughts. As I wanted to give every board member a chance to respond, I shared some guiding questions but left it to board members to choose the channel they deemed most appropriate to share their responses on. ...

DataworksSummit Berlin - Wednesday morning

April 19, 2018
Apache, BigData
hortonworks, BigData, Apache

DataworksSummit Berlin - Wednesday morning # Data strategy - cloud strategy - business strategy: Aligning the three was one of the main themes (initially put forward in his opening keynote by CTO of Hortonworks Scott Gnau) thoughout this weeks Dataworks Summit Berlin kindly organised and hosted by Hortonworks. The event was attended by over 1000 attendees joining from 51 countries. The inspiration hat was put forward in the first keynote by Scott was to take a closer look at the data lifecycle - including the fact that a lot of data is being created (and made available) outside the control of those using it: Smart farming users are using a combination of weather data, information on soil conditions gathered through sensors out in the field in order to inform daily decisions. ...

Apache Breakfast

April 17, 2018
FOSS, Apache

Apache Breakfast # In case you missed it but are living in Berlin - or are visiting Berlin/ Germany this week: A handful of Apache people (committers/ members) are meeting over breakfast on Friday morning this week. If you are interested in joining, please let me know (or check yourself - in the archives of the mailing list party@apache.org)

FOSS Backstage - Schedule online

April 17, 2018
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fossback, FOSS, Apache

FOSS Backstage - Schedule online # In January the CfP for FOSS Backstage opened. By now reviews have been done, speakers notified and a schedule created. I’m delighted to find both - a lot of friends from the Apache Software Foundation but also a great many speakers that aren’t affiliated with the ASF among the speakers. If you want to know how Open Source really works, if you want to get a glimpse behind the stage, do not wait for too long to grab your ticket now and join us in summer in Berlin/ Germany. ...

My board nomination statement 2018

March 23, 2018
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Apache, TheASF

My board nomination statement 2018 # Two days ago the Apache Software Foundation members meeting started. One of the outcomes of each members meeting is an elected board of directors. The way that works is explained here: Annual Apache members meeting. As explained in the linked post, members accepting their nomination to become a director are supposed to provide a nomination statement. This year they were also asked to answer a set of questions so members could better decide who to vote for. ...

ApacheConNA: Meet the indian tribe

May 8, 2013
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ApacheConNA: Meet the indian tribe # ApacheCon is the ``User Conference of the Apache Software Foundation’’. What should that mean? If you are going to Apache Con you have the chance of meeting committers of your favourite projects as well as members of the foundation itself. Though there are a lot of talks that are interesting from a technical point of view the goal really is to turn you into an active member of the ...

Moving to a new domain

September 12, 2012
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Moving to a new domain # Executive summary: This is to warn those of you who are subscribed to this blog - the domain to reach this blog w/o redirects will soon change to by isabel-drost-fromm.de - you might want to adjust your rss subscription accordingly. Longer version: This blog post is scheduled to go live some time after lunch-time on September 12th 2012. You might have heart rumors before - that date Ms. ...

Apache Con returns to Europe

August 1, 2012
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Apache Con returns to Europe # In November Apache Con will come back to Europe. The event will take place in Sinsheim inviting foundation members, project committers, contributors and users to meet, discuss and have fun during the one week event. Several meetups will be held the weekend before the main conference kicks off, watch out for announcements on your favourite project mailing list. ApacheCon is still open for submissions until August 3rd - head over to the Call for submissions for more information. ...

Apache Sling and Jackrabbit event coming to Berlin

July 12, 2012
NOSQL, sling, Berlin, jackrabbit, Apache, Event

Apache Sling and Jackrabbit event coming to Berlin # Interested in Apache Sling and/or Apache Jackrabbit? Then you might be interested in hearing that on September 26th to 28th there will be an event in town on these two topics - mainly organised by Adobe, but labeled as community event, meaning that there will be a number of active community members attending the conference: adaptTo(). From their website: In late September 2012 Berlin will become the global heart beat for developers working on the Adobe CQ technical stack. ...

Apache Mahout 0.6 released

February 8, 2012
Mahout, Apache, mongodb, Cassandra

Apache Mahout 0.6 released # As of Monday, February 6th a new Apache Mahout version was released. The new package features Lots of performance improvments: A new LDA implementation using Collapsed Variational Bayes 0th Derivative Approximation - try that out if you have been bothered by the way less than optimal performance of the old version. Improved Decision Tree performance and added support for regression problems Reduced runtime of dot product between vectors - many algorithms in Mahout rely on that, so these performance improvements will affect anyone using them. ...