Shopping at Ikea

Shopping at Ikea #

Some weeks ago, Thilo had a tiny little gadget not to be missed in an average geek’s appartment: A server - admittedly a little old and a bit slow, but still usable for playing around. He installed Ubuntu server on it. At the evening we got it configured to run Hadoop. Little later we found out that some friends of us probably, maybe have some usable hardware left as well - we’ll see on Monday.

However having a server on your dinner table is not really practical: There’s always some danger of spilling tea over it… However last week, one of my colleagues posted a link to the Lack Rack wiki page in the eth-0 Wiki on one of our mailing lists.

So yesterday was one of the (very rare) days, when I got Thilo to join me on a trip to Ikea. The result can be seen in the images above. Looks like elephants invaded our living room ;)