Service as in real good customer service

Service as in real good customer service #

First thing to do after getting up: Go to the kitchen and switch on the coffee machine. However, one random Sunday morning that caused the fuse for exactly this kitchen to go off. After fixing that we turned on the coffee machine again - trying to finally get a first cup. All worked well until having a closer look at what the machine produced as coffee: It was cold!

We initially got the machine from Giuseppetti - a vendor in Berlin. Though it was to late to get it fixed on warranty we still took the thing over to his shop the following week. What happened than was amazing to see for us:

The mechanics unscrewed the machine, started examining it immediately. Knowing we had bought it there, the owner gave both of us a cup of coffee. Long before I had finished mine the fixed machine was brought back to us - a fuse in it had gone off as well.

So after less than half an hour we got our working coffee machine back w/o being charged for the repair. Next morning was way better than the previous Sunday morning.