Scrum Table with Thoralf Klatt

Scrum Table with Thoralf Klatt #

On Wednesday, the 22nd of April, about 20 people interested in Scrum gathered in the DiVino in Friedrichshain/Berlin. The event was split in two parts: In the first half we gathered topics participants were interested in, put priorities next the them and discussed the most highly ranked topic: “Scrum in large teams, splitting large tasks across teams."

The basic take home messages of the discussion:

  • One way to cleanly split a task across teams is to first do a design sprint together, fix the API and then split up. Problem with that: Integration and validation of what you do theoretically up front.

  • Another way is to continously integrate all parts, that way you get direct feedback. Might be impractical without a sort of fixed API though.

  • Do keep in mind that increasing the team exponentially increases management overhead.

  • Do track the progress and performance with well known values (delivered value per sprint, velocity, define KPIs etc.)

The second part of the meetup was covered by the talf of Thoralf from Nokia Siemens networks on how they do scrum across countries and continents. Main interessting points for me:
  • Face to face communication is necessary - good video equipment can help with that.
  • Integrating ready made products into new solutions create new challenges to solve.
  • Transparency and communication with developers become a challenge.

More information on the event can be found on the blog of the round table.