Scrum discussions in Berlin

Scrum discussions in Berlin #

As software development cycles become ever shorter more and more companies adopt agile development methods. In many cases companies have switched to using Scrum or are still transitioning from less flexible approaches.

Since last summer Marion Eickmann is organising a Scrum Roundtable in Berlin. The goal is to discuss advantages and problems when introducing and practicing Scrum. But discussions on Scrum itself are also welcome.

Last Tuesday Thilo Fromm gave a presentation on his experiences introducing Scrum in his project. Thilo is project manager and developer at a company developing video surveillance hardware and software. He first gave an overview of the development process traditionally used in the company. Then he described how projects changed over the course of the last few years and how this caused new challenges to software development. Finally Thilo explained the status of implementing Scrum in one of his projects. He finished with (very positive reactions) from various teams in his company.

Slides are available online: Thilo Fromm: Scrum in the Waterfall

The talk was followed by very interesting discussions on this exact implementation of Scrum as well as experiences of other participants using Scrum for their projects. Discussions were accompanied by really great italian food.

The next roundtable will be announced on the blog of Agile42.