Preparation done - clock is ticking

Preparation done - clock is ticking #

The clock is ticking - only one more weekend to go before Berlin Buzzwords opens its doors for the main conference (check out the Wiki for the Sunday evening Barcamp and the Sunday Movie Hackday). Looking forward to an amazing week with awesome speakers and great attendees.

One word of warning before: Given all the buzz around that conference as of now until mid-next week I won’t take any major decisions, most likely I won’t be able to follow through with any additional organisation, probably I won’t remember everyone I meet on-site.

In case I do take decisions - don’t trust any of them. If you do need help organising some meetup or dinner - I’m happy to help out with recommendations on where to go and who to ask, I’m also happy to get you in touch with people relevant to your area of interest. However when it comes to selecting the restaurant, deciding on the day and time, booking a table and informing everyone involved you are on your own. In case you have any questions, requests or advise please make sure to send a copy to my inbox to make sure it will be dealt with (though it might take some time for me to get back to today’s inbox zero level I’ll make sure I’ll get through all of it).

Other than that

  • thanks to ntc and Nick the Barcamp is all setup, the conference is well on track, thanks to many external helping hands we’ve again got a convincing line-up of satellite events. In addition I made sure the Apache Mahout people got a time and place to meet, I managed to review all proposals that sounded interesting at Strata London (great stuff on the business side of big data - go there if you want to learn more on the business side of the topics covered by Berlin Buzzwords and more). Everything else will have to wait at least until end next week.

    CU in Berlin - bring sun and warm weather with you :)