Early bird registration for Berlin Buzzwords on June 7th/8th open

2010-03-09 18:34 More posts about Berlin Buzzwords Hadoop Lucene NOSQL
Silently registration was opened in the past days for Berlin Buzzwords - a conference on scaling search, data processing and storage taking place on June 7th/8th in Berlin/ Germany. First 100 tickets will be sold for 250 Euros + tax. Registration is possible at later dates as well, however expect prizes to rise shortly before the conference starts.

If you clicked on it earlier this week and were wondering what those strange German terms were all about: We have put online an English version as well, so language shouldn't be much of a problem anymore.

To avoid any confusion: Conference talks will be in English - no German language skills needed for that. It is perfectly well possible to get around in Berlin w/o speaking German, however knowing a few words as always will make it easier to make friends with people in shops and hotels ;)