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Note to self - slides for staying sane when maintaining a popular open source project

May 26, 2017
Open Source
Opsen Source, project management

Note to self - slides for staying sane when maintaining a popular open source project # For further reference - Simon MacDonald has a great collection of good advise on how to stay sane when running and maintaining a popular open source project. Link here: Some things he mentioned: Include a README. It should tell people what the project is about but also what the project is not about. ...

Async decision making

May 16, 2017
Open Source
Open Source, async, inner source

Async decision making # This is the second in a series of posts on inner source/open source. Bertrand Delacretaz gave an interesting talk on how to avoid meetings by introducing an async way of making decisions. He started off with a little anecdote related to Paul Graham’s maker’s vs. manager’s schedule: Bertrand’s father was a carpenter. He was working in the same house that his family was living in, so joining the family for lunch was common for him. ...

Notebook - OSS office at Adobe

May 12, 2017
Open Source
oss, adobe, notes to self, Open Source

Notebook - OSS office at Adobe # tl;dr: This post summarises what I learnt at the Adobe Open Source Summit last week about which aspects to think of when running an open source office. It’s mainly a mental note for myself, hopefully others will find it useful as well. Longer version: This is another post in a series of articles on “random stuff I leant in Basel last week”. When I was invited to Adobe’s open source summit I had no idea what to expect from it. ...

Agile, inner source, open development, open source development

May 7, 2017
Hacking people
agile, lean, inner source, open development, apache way, open source development

Agile, inner source, open development, open source development # Last week I had the honour of giving a keynote at Adobe’s Open Source Summit EU in Basel. Among many interesting talks they hosted a panel to answer questions around all things open source, strategy, inner source, open development. One of the questions I found intersting is how inner source/ open development and agile are related. To get everyone on the same page, what do I mean when talking about inner source/ open development? ...

Note to self: Backup bottlenecks

March 23, 2014
network speed, Note to Self, Hacking

Note to self: Backup bottlenecks # I learnt the following relations the hard way 10 years ago when trying to backup a rather tiny amount of data, went through the computation again three years ago. Still I had to re-do the computation this morning when trying to pull a final full backup from my old MacBook. Posting here for future reference: Note 1: Some numbers like 10BASE-T included only for historic reference. ...

How hard can it be - organising a conference

March 15, 2014
Conference, Berlin Buzzwords

How hard can it be - organising a conference # Setup a CfP, select a few talks, publish a schedule, book a venue, sell a few tickets - have fun: Essentially all it takes to organise a conference, isn’t it? In theory maybe - in practice - not so much. Without scaring you away from running your own here’s my experience with setting up Berlin Buzzwords (after two years of running the Berlin Hadoop Get Together, putting up a NoSQL half day meetup). ...

Berlin Buzzwords - Associated Events

February 13, 2014
Berlin Buzzwords

Berlin Buzzwords - Associated Events # Back in 2011 I had a weird idea: Berlin Buzzwords as a core event kicks off on Sunday evening with a Barcamp but closes on Tuesday evening. There’s way too little time to meet with all the interesting people. On the other hand the organising team really was all tired on Tuesday evening, so just adding another day at the end wasn’t really an option. ...

I love FS 2014

February 13, 2014
valentine, FSFE, i_love_fs

I love FS 2014 # It’s that day of the year again: Time to buy flowers and chocolate for your beloved one. However as with previous years, FSFE wants you to put the day to good use to also celebrate your favourite free software developer (you know, the people who get way more bug reports and complaints than positive feedback): So here’s to the people over at Apache, Debian, Eclipse, Elasticsearch, Linux, ZeroMQ and the many other projects that make my life easier: Happy I love Free Software Day - get yourself celebrated! ...


February 3, 2014
Fosdem, oss, elasticsearch

FOSDEM 2014 # By now FOSDEM turned into some kind of tradition in our family: Since 2007 every year in February we are travelling to that one comfy B&B in Brussels for a weekend - not to take a closer look at the city but to attend (together with thousands of other geeks and open source hackers) one of the biggest conferences on all things open source. I love the conference concept for scaling: As it happens on a university campus they only have a limited number of huge rooms, but a fairly large number of mid-sized and small rooms. ...

On being aggressivly public

February 1, 2014

On being aggressivly public # If it didn't happen on the mailing list it didn't happen at all. ... with all it's implications this seems to be the hardest lesson for newcomers to the Apache way of development to learn. In the minimal sense it means that any decision a project takes has to be taken publicly, preferably in some archived, searchable medium. In a wider sense it's usually interpreted as: . ...