ApacheConNA: Meet the indian tribe

ApacheConNA: Meet the indian tribe #

ApacheCon is the ``User Conference of the Apache Software Foundation’’. What
should that mean? If you are going to Apache Con you have the chance of meeting
committers of your favourite projects as well as members of the foundation
itself. Though there are a lot of talks that are interesting from a technical
point of view the goal really is to turn you into an active member of the
foundation yourself. This is true for the North American version even more than
for the European edition.

Though why should you as a general user of Apache software be interested in
attending then? Pieter Hintjens put it quite nicely in an interview on his
latest ZeroMQ book with O’Reilly:

If you are using free software in particular in commercial setups you really do
want to know how the project is governed and what it takes to get active and
involved yourself. What would it take to move the project into a direction that
fits your business needs? How do you make sure features you need are actually
being added to the project instead of useless stuff?

ApacheCon is the conference to find out how Apache projects work internally,
the place to be to meet active people in person and put faces to names. Lots of
community building events focus on getting newbies in touch with long term