Mahout@TU WS 09/10

Mahout@TU WS 09/10 #

Title: Mahout@TU WS 09/10

There is going to be a project/seminar course at TU Berlin on Apache Mahout. The goal is to introduce students to the work on a free software project, interact with the community and build production ready software.

Students will be given several potential tasks ranging from optimizing existing implementations, implementing new algorithms and (depending on their prior knowledge) improving, scaling and parallelizing existing algorithms.

Successful completion of the course depends on a number of factors: Interaction of the student with the community, ability to write tested (as in test-first-developed) code that performs well in a large scale environments, ability to show incremental development progress at each iteration, ability to review patches and improvements, usage of tools like SCM, Issue-tracker and mailinglists. Of course theoretical background - that is understanding existing publications as well extending their ideas is crucial as well.

If you are a student interessted in Mahout missing some course work, consider subscribing to the Mahout course at DIMA Berlin (linked below). Goal is that your work is to be integrated in one of the next releases, once the community is satisfied.

If you are a Mahout developer or user and have some issue that you consider suitable for a student to solve, please to provide your ideas.

Location: TU Berlin
Link out: Click here
Start Date: 2009-10-01<br />End Date: 2010-03-31