Learning to Rank Challenge

Learning to Rank Challenge #

In one of his recent blog posts, Jeff Dalton published an article on currently running machine learning challenges. Especially interesting for those working on search engines and interested in learning new rankings from data should be the Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge to be held in conjunction with this year’s ICML 2010 in Haifa, Israel. The goal is to show that your algorithm does not only scale on real-world data provided by Yahoo!. Tasks are split in two. The first one focusses on traditional learning to rank procedures, the second one on transfer learning. Tracks are open to participants from industry and research.

A second challenge was published by the machine learning theory blog. The challenge is hosted by Yahoo! as well and deals with Key scientific challenges in statistics and machine learning.

Both programs look pretty interesting - would be great to lots of people from the community participating and comparing their systems.