Learning German

Learning German #

For some reason I got that question multiple times now from people that moved to Germany but work in companies where English is the language to use for communication - how to best learn German (in addition finding people to talk to).

When thinking about how I got started with English there were a few things that helped: As a child I got some “made for learning English” crime stories to read. In 11th/12th grade we got a Newsweek subscription. When at university I quickly learnt that translations of any man pages or help files to German were not really helpful so I switched my Locale to English. In addition the dubbed versions of Futurama were no good - same for most movies you get to see in cinema. Finally getting into open source meant that there was no other way for communication.

So what sites are there that provide value to the average geek but are available only in German?

Blogs and online resources

Newspapers etc.


Some music and movies:

If you happen to live in Berlin - also take a look at local magazines pointing out current events and special exhibitions. There’s also quite a <a href=“ http://www.amazon.de/Berlin-literarisch-J%C3%BCrgen-Engler/dp/3746628105/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1347351223&sr=8-2"

few books in and about Berlin. Make sure to safe some time to vist the Bundestag and book one of their lectures.


One hint from Thomas Koch: Die Deutsche Welle hat unglaublich viel Material, auch einen
kompletten mehrsemestrigen Deutschkurs als Podcast + begleitende PDFs.

Thomas, thanks! On a similar note - the archive of DRadio is also well worth a look.