Last minute Getting Around information for Berlin Buzzwords

Last minute Getting Around information for Berlin Buzzwords #

I’ve been sharing information on how to get around in Berlin more often than I’d like to type it out - putting it here for future reference.

Before going to Berlin make sure to put an app on your phone that helps with finding the right public transport mix to use for going from one place to another:

If you want to get around for sight seeing - other than making sure to pack a travel guide consider renting a bike for a day or two. It’s rather safe to ride one in Berlin, there are several routes that are all green and calm. Checkout to plan your routes - though not the prettiest website it does have comprehensive information on road conditions and lets you avoid cobble stones or less well lit streets. Try it out

  • it served me very well.

    To actually rent a bike - ask your hotel, usually they have decent offers or can point you at a local bike shop that has rental offers. Prizes should be roughly 10,- Euros a day or 50,- a week.

    One warning to pedestrians and anyone renting a car: Bicycles are very common in Berlin in particular in summer. Watch out when turning, don’t underestimate their speed. When walking on the sidewalks watch out for lanes reserved for bikes - usually they are red with white stripes but can look slightly different - see also some images on flickr.