Hello elasticsearch

Hello elasticsearch #

First of all a disclaimer: I had a little bit of time left during the last few weeks. As a result my blog migrated from dynamic wordpress content to statically hosted pages. If anything looks odd, in case you find any encoding issues, if you miss specific functionality - please do let me know. I’ll switch from this beta url back to the old sub-domain in a week or so unless there are major complaints.

Today was my first day in a new office. Some of you may have heard it already: As of today I’m working for Elasticsearch. Apparently the majority of devs here are using Apple hardware so with a little help from Random Tutor and my husband I got my new machine equipped to boot Linux in parallel yesterday.

As a result what was left for today was reading lots of documentation, getting accustomed to the internal tools, attending my first daily standup, forking the repository, starting to take a closer look at the source code, issue tracker and design docs. Now looking forward to both - the elasticsearch training in December and meeting other elasticsearch people over at FOSDEM next year: Find me at their booth there.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!