GeeCon 2012 - part 1

GeeCon 2012 - part 1 #

Devoxx, Java Posse, Qcon, Goto Con, an uncountable number of local Java User Groups – aren’t there enough conferences on just Java, that weird programming language that “makes developers stupid by letting them type too much boiler plate” (Keith Braithwaite)? I spent Thursday and Friday last week in Poznan at a conference called GeeCon – there main focus is on anything Java, including TDD, Agile and testability. It’s all community organised – switching between Poznan and Krakow on a yearly basis, backed by two corresponding Java User groups with a clear focus on good speakers and interesting content: Really well done, wish they could have fit more talks into each of these days: Five tracks in parallel left one with just around 4 regular talks + keynotes each day. That does make for a very human start and end time – but it feels like there’s so much going on in parallel that most likely you miss some of the particularly interesting content. Looking forward to the videos!

One note: If you are ever invited as a speaker to GeeCon: Do accept! It’s really well organised, an incredibly friendly atmosphere, and a really tasty speaker’s dinner. One thing that caught me be surprise this morning: My room was all paid for even though I stayed longer and had offered to cover the additional nights myself - Thanks guys, you rock!

Watch this space for more details on the talks in the coming days.