FOSDEM 2010 - 10 years FOSDEM

FOSDEM 2010 - 10 years FOSDEM #

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

The final schedule of FOSDEM 2010 is up: Looks like bad news - 306 interesting talks within just one weekend. Lots of interesting talks in the main track including Greg Kroah-Hartman on “Write and Submit your first Linux kernel Patch”, David Recordon from Facebook on “Scaling Facebook with OpenSource tools”, Bernard Li on “Ganglia: 10 years of monitoring clusters and grids”, Andrew Tanenbaum with his “MINIX 3: a Modular, Self-Healing POSIX-compatible Operating System” talk, Benoît Chesneau on “CouchDB! REST and Database!” and many, many more.

In addition there will be many interesting DevRooms, including one on NoSQL, one on Free Java, the Mono DevRoom featuring a talk by Miguel de Icaza…

Looks like a weekend packed with interesting talks and discussions. If you are going there and are interested in an ad-hoc Hadoop-Beer-drinking meetup, make sure to contact me before the event.