First Apache Dinner Berlin

First Apache Dinner Berlin #

A few days ago, I received a mail from Torsten Curdt that read something like: “[…] For a long time now I wanted to organise an Apache Dinner Berlin. What do you think, when would be a good time for that?”. As that was about the third time I heard of that idea (and the third person mentioning the idea), I included some Berlin-based Apache-people asking whether they would be interested in having an Apache Dinner on November 24st in X-Berg. General answer: Yes! Sure!

The idea was to make it open to anyone interested in the ASF and send invitations to committers who are living in the greater-Berlin-area. Then book a table, have some food, get some drinks…

We met at Graefekiez - we, that is Torsten (Jakarta and Hadoop), Jan and Daniel (CouchDB), Simon+Vera (Lucene), oswald (xampp), Eric (Http Components) and myself - for a great “small menu” at La Buona Forchetta (Thanks to Torsten for coming up with that restaurant and booking the table). After that some of us moved over to a bar close to the restaurant.

After a long evening with lots of interesting (cross-project as well as non-technical) discussions, the general conclusion was to organize another Apache Dinner some time in January after Christmas-time is over:

Thanks guys for a great evening. Hope to see you all - as well as a few more Apache people from around Berlin - in January. Date and location to be set.

Final note to self: No Club Mate for Isabel after 02:00 a.m. …