DIMA @ TU Berlin

DIMA @ TU Berlin #

On Friday, the 24th of April Prof. Volker Markl organised a Welcome Workshop at TU Berlin. The day started with an introduction by the Dekan of the faculty. First talk was given by Rudolf Bayer on the topic “From B-Trees to UB-Trees”. Second presentation was by Guy Lohman on “LEO, DB2’s Learning Optimizer”.

After the coffee break, Volker Markl gave an introduction to his selected research field, outstanding tasks and the way he is going to accomplish his goals. Seems like scalability is playing a major role in his tasks. Interestingly Hadoop was chosen as an infrastructure basis.

In his talk Volker Markl announced the newly started BBI Colloquium. It is a regular meeting in Berlin dedicated to the scientific discurs on topics relevant to the participating researchers. Participating researchers are Prof. Oliver Günther, Prof. Johann-Christoph Freytag, Prof. Ulf Leser from HU Berlin, Prof. Dr. Volker Markl from TU Berlin, Prof. Dr. Heinz Schweppe from FU Berlin and Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann from HPI Potsdam.