Dear lazy web: Travel recommendations

Dear lazy web: Travel recommendations #

Finally getting to spend some days of vacation in the bay area soon - so I thought I might try to leverage the lazy web on recommendations on what not to miss while there. So far on our list:

  • Rent a canoo in Sausalito
  • Take a tour to Alcatras
  • Get to drive down along the coast towards Half Moon Bay
  • Spend one or two days strolling through the city to take photos
  • Do one of these touristic bike trips across the Golden Gate bridge
  • Spend a day or two to get hiking in one of the red wood tree forests
  • Got a recommendation to drive up to Lake Tahoe for two days
  • Get to see Napa valley
  • Spend a day on whale watching

So that already makes up for ten days - however if you spot anything important and beautiful missing, please let me know. If you have any recommendation on where to spend Halloween - please also get in touch. If you are up to meeting for a cup of coffee or dinner and talk about Mahout, HBase, Hadoop and friends - we certainly can fit that into the schedule somewhere.