Teddy in London

2012-10-29 20:04
While I was at the conference – Teddy spent some time exploring the surroundings of the conference hotel. Looks like in particular Hyde park was attractive:

Teddy in Down Under

2012-10-24 20:24
The last two September weeks Teddy was in Down Under. He spent the first few days exploring Sydney: Taking the ferry from Manly to the city each morning, followed by beautiful sunny weather, warm enough to already go swimming.

The following days took him to the Blue Mountains and into Kangaroo Valley for some hiking, animal watching and kayaking:

Of course Teddy also made some new friends:

A huge thanks to Tatjana, Steve and Ash for hosting us in Sydney. Thanks also to Brett, Laura, Samantha and Tobi for hosting us in the Blue Mountains. And thanks to the folks joining us on our very last evening for a Apache Dinner. Was great meeting you – looking forward to see you again soon.

Also thanks to Thoralf, Anja, Astro, Douwe, Stefan, Nick, Brett and everyone else who provided us with lots of hints and recommendations on what to do in and near Sydney. As usual it was too little time for too much to do and see.

Teddy in Meißen

2012-10-23 20:19
Taken earlier this year in Meißen the picture shows a detail of the beautiful cathedral:

Teddy after a busy day:

Moving to a new domain

2012-09-12 12:30
Executive summary: This is to warn those of you who are subscribed to this blog - the domain to reach this blog w/o redirects will soon change to by isabel-drost-fromm.de - you might want to adjust your rss subscription accordingly.

Longer version: This blog post is scheduled to go live some time after lunch-time on September 12th 2012. You might have heart rumors before - that date Ms. Isabel Drost and Mr. Thilo Fromm are supposed to get married.

There were times when war and conflicts between kingdoms were settled by having children of the reigns get married. Today this old tradition is being continued on a much smaller scale by having a couple get married that is comprised of one half being passionate about Linux Kernel hacking and a strong proponent of GPL/LGPL open source licensing and the other half coming from the Java world, mainly contributing to ASL projects.

As a bit of "showing of good will" both agreed to the proposal of Matthias Kirschner: Girls that are FSFE fellows really should only marry other FSFE fellows. So we got Thilo a fellowship membership setup very quickly.

PS: Now looking forward to dancing into a new part of life this evening ;)

Pps: Thanks to photomic for the DLSR fotos, and to masq for taking the above picture and mailing it to my server. Having a secure shell on your mobile phone rocks!

Teddy in Sweden

2012-07-25 19:22
Some picture taken all the way up in northern Sweden:

Those picture were taken mid-June. That means what looks like Teddy sitting in the afternoon sun actually was taken 20min before midnight some 40km south of the arctic circle at Camp Frevisören - an incredible spot to start the day on a canoo:

View Larger Map

(That little half-isle that stretches into the ocean.)

If you ever travel that far north, make sure to stop by at Hulkoff.se. We got the tip only a few days before we left asking a Swedish friend where to go to see midsummer. Though he is not from that very area he recommended going there if we get a chance - and that turned out a beautiful idea: Not only is the restaurant/ conference venue nicely located just a few km before Finland - they also serve most tasty meals!

PS: In case you're wondering what that monkey on the pictures is - it's Teddy's new friend "Herr Nielson" - the little squirrel monkey that is the best friend of the strongest girl in the world.

Teddy in Zürich

2012-05-28 20:20
A few beautiful sunny though windy days in Zurich late April:

View from the path between Ütliberg and Adliswil/Felsenegg:

Strolling through the city and sitting next to Zürichsee enjoying the sun afterwards:


A boat trip to Rapperswil - started cold and cloudy, finished warm and sunny: