Teddy in Antwerp

2010-12-12 21:30
When at Devoxx Teddy went to the city taking a few pictures of the Grote Markt, the Haven as well as the main train station.

Teddy in Amsterdam Schiphol

2010-12-02 21:11
Caught Teddy just before the plane took off:

Teddy in Lisbon

2010-12-01 21:09
After Apache Con I spent a few days in Lisbon for Codebits. The conference is not developers-only. It is more of a mixture of hacking event, conference, exhibition. Though the location was not optimal for giving presentations (large exhibition hall with now a rather noisy presentation area) the whole event brought quite an interesting mixture of people together in one place in the capital of Portugal.

I had been to Portugal earlier this year, however that was just for recreating and vacation. So this time around I was quite happy to get the chance of seeing some part of the local culture that otherwise I would probably never have gotten access to. Having some loose ties to the Berlin hackers community, to the free software people in Europe but also to pragmatic open source developers what was most astonishing to me was to see the comparably huge amount of systems running Microsoft Windows used by codebits attendees. Talking a bit with locals it seemed like using free software for development is not all that unusual in Portugal, however people tend to wait for problems getting fixed instead of getting involved and actively contributing back.

Teddy in Atlanta

2010-11-28 23:24
While I was happily attending Apache Con US in Atlanta/GA my teddy had a closer look at the city: He first went to the centennial olympic park, took a picture of the world of coca-cola (wondering what strange kinds of museums there are in the US.

After that he headed over to Midtown having a quiet time in the Piedmont park. And finally had a closer look at the private houses still decorated for Halloween. Seems like it was squirrel day that day: Met more than ten squirrels he told me.

I found quite some impressive pictures of the arts museum on my camera after his trip out – as well as several images taken at the campus of the Georgia tech university. It's amazing to see what facilities are available to students – especially compared to the equipment of German universities.

Teddy in Portugal

2010-07-08 20:32
During the past two weeks my teddy was on vacation. As destination he chose to fly to Portugal. One day was reserved for a visit to Lisboa, the capital city of the country. He also took a few really nice pictures there:

On his return, he was no longer alone. Seems like he found a cute little portugese girl friend:

In addition he brought the following image. However he promised that he was not in California, but explained that the bridge actually does exist in Lisboa, being constructed by the same company according to the same blue prints that already were used for Golden Gate bridge: