Apache Dinner Berlin

2011-02-28 06:06
Title: Apache Dinner Berlin
Location: Good Morning Vietnam X-Berg
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-02-28

Please contact Simon Willnauer if you would like to attend for further information.

Apache Mahout @ Devoxx Tools in Action Track

2010-11-01 09:32
This year's Devoxx will feature several presentations coming from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem including Tom White on the basics of Hadoop: HDFS, MapReduce, Hive and Pig as well as Michael Stack on HBase.

In addition there will be a brief Tools in Action presentation on Monday evening featuring Apache Mahout.

Please let me know if you are going to Devoxx - would be great to meet some more Apache people there, maybe have dinner at one of the conference days.

Apache Dinner October Today in Potsdam

2010-10-04 08:16
The Apache Dinner Berlin will take place today. As always, everybody is invited even if you didn't participate in the poll (http://doodle.com/8bi2456enwe6z2g6). This time around the dinner was organised by Daniel Naber. Thanks!

When: Monday, 2010-10-04, 19:30
Where: Lindencafe, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 47/48, 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg, This is directly next to the S-Bahn (S7, Babelsberg).

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Apache dinner wrap-up

2010-09-21 22:19
Today three Lucene committers, two Mahout committers (one of them also being committer of Lucene: Hi Karl, was great having you here - see you at the next Hadoop Get Together, or maybe some day for lunch.), several users of Lucene and Hadoop together with their family (including a very cute, unbelievably quiet three weeks old baby) met at Jamerica - a restaurant offering American as well as Jamaican food in Schöneberg.

Daniel promised to organise the next dinner - looks like in October we meet somewhere close to his place in Potsdam. If you are one of the attendees please do feel invited to organise one of these evenings. It's really simple: Setup a doodle with some proposed dates, send a mail to our Apache Dinner Berlin mailing list with the link included. After that we simply vote on the dates, the date with most votes wins. It's then up to you to book a table in your favourite restaurant, send the address and time to the mailing list and that's about it. Don't be shy standing up - this meeting really is intended to be community driven, getting Apache people, friends, relatives at one table. Please also invite any friends that you know are in town - there is not problem adjusting the schedule to visitors.

For those of you who are currently not in Berlin: There will be a Apache Dinner Paris very soon. Would be great if you could let people know if you want to attend - makes booking a table way easier.

Apache Dinner this evening

2010-09-21 08:00
This evening the September Apache Dinner takes place in Jamerica Schöneberg. I have booked a table for ten to fifteen people - we'll see whether that is sufficient this time :)

Looking forward to see you there at 7p.m.

Apache Dinner after Berlin Buzzwords

2010-06-03 08:52
Staying in town after Berlin Buzzwords? Interested in meeting with the Apache folks here? Torsten Curdt kindly organises an Apache Dinner on Wednesday evening after Berlin Buzzwords. If you would like to participate, contact Torsten for details on when and where it will take place.

Though named Apache dinner, there is no need to be Apache committer or even member to participate: Being generally interested in Apache projects and in meeting the guys behind the project is totally sufficient.

Apache Dinner January 2010

2010-01-18 22:48
This evening in X-Berg several local committers met for the second "Apache Dinner" - an informal gathering of local Apache committers, friends and associates for food, beer and interesting discussions. Next one is probably to be scheduled some time in February. Feel free to send a message to Torsten Curdt to be included on the next invitation mail. Thanks for organizing a nice evening, Torsten. Hope to see even more Apache friends at the next dinner ;)

First Apache Dinner Berlin

2009-11-25 02:33
A few days ago, I received a mail from Torsten Curdt that read something like: "[...] For a long time now I wanted to organise an Apache Dinner Berlin. What do you think, when would be a good time for that?". As that was about the third time I heard of that idea (and the third person mentioning the idea), I included some Berlin-based Apache-people asking whether they would be interested in having an Apache Dinner on November 24st in X-Berg. General answer: Yes! Sure!

The idea was to make it open to anyone interested in the ASF and send invitations to committers who are living in the greater-Berlin-area. Then book a table, have some food, get some drinks...

We met at Graefekiez - we, that is Torsten (Jakarta and Hadoop), Jan and Daniel (CouchDB), Simon+Vera (Lucene), oswald (xampp), Eric (Http Components) and myself - for a great "small menu" at La Buona Forchetta (Thanks to Torsten for coming up with that restaurant and booking the table). After that some of us moved over to a bar close to the restaurant.

After a long evening with lots of interesting (cross-project as well as non-technical) discussions, the general conclusion was to organize another Apache Dinner some time in January after Christmas-time is over:

Thanks guys for a great evening. Hope to see you all - as well as a few more Apache people from around Berlin - in January. Date and location to be set.

Final note to self: No Club Mate for Isabel after 02:00 a.m. ...