Apache Dinner Berlin

2011-02-28 06:06
Title: Apache Dinner Berlin
Location: Good Morning Vietnam X-Berg
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2011-02-28

Please contact Simon Willnauer if you would like to attend for further information.

Apache Dinner October Today in Potsdam

2010-10-04 08:16
The Apache Dinner Berlin will take place today. As always, everybody is invited even if you didn't participate in the poll (http://doodle.com/8bi2456enwe6z2g6). This time around the dinner was organised by Daniel Naber. Thanks!

When: Monday, 2010-10-04, 19:30
Where: Lindencafe, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 47/48, 14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg, This is directly next to the S-Bahn (S7, Babelsberg).

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Apache dinner wrap-up

2010-09-21 22:19
Today three Lucene committers, two Mahout committers (one of them also being committer of Lucene: Hi Karl, was great having you here - see you at the next Hadoop Get Together, or maybe some day for lunch.), several users of Lucene and Hadoop together with their family (including a very cute, unbelievably quiet three weeks old baby) met at Jamerica - a restaurant offering American as well as Jamaican food in Schöneberg.

Daniel promised to organise the next dinner - looks like in October we meet somewhere close to his place in Potsdam. If you are one of the attendees please do feel invited to organise one of these evenings. It's really simple: Setup a doodle with some proposed dates, send a mail to our Apache Dinner Berlin mailing list with the link included. After that we simply vote on the dates, the date with most votes wins. It's then up to you to book a table in your favourite restaurant, send the address and time to the mailing list and that's about it. Don't be shy standing up - this meeting really is intended to be community driven, getting Apache people, friends, relatives at one table. Please also invite any friends that you know are in town - there is not problem adjusting the schedule to visitors.

For those of you who are currently not in Berlin: There will be a Apache Dinner Paris very soon. Would be great if you could let people know if you want to attend - makes booking a table way easier.

Apache Dinner this evening

2010-09-21 08:00
This evening the September Apache Dinner takes place in Jamerica Schöneberg. I have booked a table for ten to fifteen people - we'll see whether that is sufficient this time :)

Looking forward to see you there at 7p.m.

Apache Dinner August Berlin recap

2010-08-09 21:54
This evening yet another Apache Dinner took place in Berlin (this time Schöneberg), location booked by Simon Willnauer. As it was announced less then a week ago (see post below) we were expecting no more then some 7 people ... we ended up being a group of 15 attendees: There was Michi Busch from Twitter together with Tanja, Uwe Schindler from Bremen joined us. With Matt and Josh some of our local Hadoop users from Nokia joined our group. We had Sebastian Schelter from Mahout. In addition there were the usual suspects, that is Jan Lehnardt, Simon Willnauer and Torsten Curdt.

Indian food at Yogi Haus was great and very tasty - though we should introduce a sharing algorithm for the various dishes next time around. Speaking of next time: If you would like to be part of the dinner, subscribe to our Apache Dinner mailing list. Best way to make the location suit your needs is to simply send out the next proposal yourself.

As usual the Lucene guys are the last to leave: Currently they are on their way to X-Berg for further drinks, some food and lots of fun. Looking forward to the pictures you promised, Simon ;)

Update: Images added. Thanks for forwarding them.

Apache Dinner Berlin - August 2010

2010-08-04 14:52
Simon (Willnauer) just sent around the following e-mail. If you have some time left next Monday evening, come join us in Yogihaus: For tasty Indian food, geeky discussions and a generally beautiful evening.

Unlike the other dinner mails this one is not a poll, it's an announcement. Some Apache folks are in town next monday (9th of August) so we decided to have a Apache Dinner with a short term notice. If you plan to come please shoot me a quick heads-up and I count you in!

We will meet at http://www.restaurant-yogihaus-berlin.de/ on Monday 9th of August at 7:30 pm. I will reserve a table for about 14 people (the average size of the last two meetings while gstein and his gang wasn't counted :D)

Looking forward to meet you there on Monday!!


Looking forward to seeing you on Monday evening next week. Please do not forget to give Simon a quick heads-up if you are coming: Would be nice if our estimated number of guests would at least be close to the real number this time (instead of somewhere at 50% ;) ).

In the unlikely event that you can't make it next Monday, please subscribe to our Apache Dinner Mailinglist to recieve further announcements. If you are not living in Berlin but are still interested in dropping in from time to time: Don't worry we do take into account that schedules of people travelling here are tight and organise meetings accordingly.

Update: Corrected year - must have mixed that up with another conference's kick off meeting that takes place today...

Apache Dinner June 2010

2010-06-09 23:54
After Berlin Buzzwords was over yesterday - and as there is an svn conference in the city that starts tomorrow, we thought we could easily put together a smallish Apache Dinner for tonight. So Torsten mailed a few people, booked some space at Heinz Minki in Kreuzberg. We announced it at the end of the conference and invited people to join us.

So after a beautiful day out I spent the evening with a bunch of Apache related guys and girls having drinks and great pizza: We had several svn committers, Greg Stein met us there - he arrived today for the svn conference. Of couse the usual suspects were there as well: Simon Willnauer and his wife, Torsten Curdt, Erik Abele, Thomas Wöhlke, Valerie Hajdik. In addition we had guests from the Apache Lucene and Apache Hadoop communities: Sarah Sproehnle and Aaron Kimball as well as Uwe Schindler joined us.

Thanks to Torsten for putting the meetup together. See you next time in July. If you are interested in joining our meetups: Subscribe to our mailing list.

Apache Dinner after Berlin Buzzwords

2010-06-03 08:52
Staying in town after Berlin Buzzwords? Interested in meeting with the Apache folks here? Torsten Curdt kindly organises an Apache Dinner on Wednesday evening after Berlin Buzzwords. If you would like to participate, contact Torsten for details on when and where it will take place.

Though named Apache dinner, there is no need to be Apache committer or even member to participate: Being generally interested in Apache projects and in meeting the guys behind the project is totally sufficient.

Apache Dinner - May 2010

2010-05-27 22:50
This evening a bunch of Apache committers and friends gathered in Berlin Kreuzberg at "Goodmorning Vietnam" for tasty food, nice drinks - or put another way, for a very nice evening. Simon had booked the table - we were expecting no more than eight people. However, as with any user group these meetup tends to grow. Shortly after the appointed time we had to move to another table to fit everyone around. See below for a quick shot taken while eating (Thanks to Eric for taking the picture):

There were people from Lucene, from SVN, Cocoon, CouchDB, HttpComponents and various other projects. Even one potential future Mahout committer :) Counting attendees quickly I guess we were about fifteen people.

Looking forward to the next meetup that will be scheduled to take place shortely after Buzzwords. Please talk to Torsten Curdt if you want to get notified or simply subscribe to our mailing list.

Apache Dinner - April 2010

2010-04-19 21:43
Today, the April Apache Dinner took place in Berlin. We met at Sadhu - an Indian restaurant in Berlin X-Berg. We were six people: Lars Trieloff from Day Software, Simon Willnauer and Vera from Lucene, Torsten Curdt - currently Freelancer and Daniel Naber from Lucene as well.

With great food, nice discussions and a first glimpse on the submissions for Berlin Buzzwords it quickly got later and later :)

If you are Apache Committer/Member yourself or are simply interested in learning more about this crazy bunch of software developers meeting each month in a different restaurant, please contact Torsten for more information on the meetup - and to be included on the next meetup schedule. As we are by far more than ten people interested in delicious food and meeting other "indians in Berlin", I created a Dinner mailing list - please join, if you plan to take part in the dinner in the near future.