Mahout at Berlin ignite

Mahout at Berlin ignite #

This evening the first Berlin ignite event took place in the “Festsaal” in Berlin X-Berg. Organiser of the event was Matt Biddulph from Nokia Gate 5. We had eleven fantastic talks (ok, to be more precise: At least ten fantastic ones, my own can only be judged by the audience ;) ).

Topics included things you can learn when starting to collect data, themes from (agile) project management, RepRap machines (see also the Rep Rap FOSDEM 2010 talk), bots and robots. The talks finished with a presentation of a Part time scientist’s vision of getting to the moon - an article on the project is available on heise newsticker.

The room was filled with more then 120 people resulting in a location packed with interested attendees. It was great seeing the talks on such diverse topics. Hope to have more events of this format here in Berlin. Thanks go to Matt, all speakers and everyone involved in generally making the event a big success.

For those who didn’t make it to the event, slides and audio should go online soon. At least the slides on Mahout are available online.