Berlin hospital chaos (Charite)

Berlin hospital chaos (Charite) #

What getting screws out of your knee looks like at Charite: Got sent to “Virchow Klinikum” by my doctor back home: I got some recommendations for it from my colleagues and is easy to reach for me. Called up there earlier this week and got an appointment for today at 8:30 a.m. (was already wondering, that this was possible so quickly). Arrived this morning: But seems like I was out of luck - no one at the hospital knew about the appointment. Obviously it didn’t get tracked in any of their systems. Seeing that I was back at Charite Mitte one year ago, they were like “but those screws need to be taken out by the doc who put them in” - WTF? Really great way to start a day - about two hours of time wasted.