Berlin Buzzwords 2012 - Call for submissions

Berlin Buzzwords 2012 - Call for submissions #

The countdown started several weeks ago - finally in the past days the date for Berlin Buzzwords was announced, the call for submissions published. It’s exciting to see that the first talk is in already. Looking forward to yours.

Compared to last year there are two changes:

  1. Submissions are no longer evaluated by Jan, Simon and myself only. Due to the large number of talks submitted last year we reached out for help to be able to split the task of reviewing talks.
  2. Also the conference itself grew quite a bit in the past two years. As a result it now takes several full time positions to handle not only ticketing, hosting and software development, sponsorships, venue management, travel support, but also external communication and marketing. The team of newthinking grew quite a bit and is helping substantially with tasks that before were handled by Jan, Simon and myself exclusively to keep some of our time reserved for the fun part of schedule curation. Please make sure to include if you have questions that need a quick answer.

We are looking forward to a successful community conference on all things scalable - be it search, NoSQL or data analytics. Don’t be afraid to submit highly technical talks - Berlin Buzzwords always has been a place for developers to discuss new technologies, algorithms and implementations.

If your community need more than just a day to meet - please do talk to us. We will be providing room for meetups on Wednesday after the conference. Those are handed out on a first come first serve basis.

If you are a local Berlin company and want to get Berlin Buzzwords into your offices, please talk to us - we are more than happy to get you in touch with one of the meetup organisers.

If you would like to co-locate trainings with Berlin Buzzwords - we are happy to co-promote you event. Talk to us to be included in our official schedule. In case you need any help organising your training, newthinking will be more than happy to provide their services for your event.

Looking forward to June: It’s amazing how large that event grew in the past two years - and almost scary to return back online after a flu and see how things unfolded magically.