ApacheConNA: Misc

ApacheConNA: Misc #

In his talk on Spdy Mathew Steele explained how he implemented the spdy protocol
as an Apache httpd module - working around most of the safety measures and
design decisions in the current httpd version. Essentially to get httpd to
support the protocol all you need now is mod_spdy plus a modified version of

The keynote on the last day was given by the Puppet founder. Some interesting
points to take away from that:

  • Though hard in the beginning (and half way through, and after years) it
    is important to learn giving up control: It usually is much more productive and
    leads to better results to encourage people to do something than to be
    restrictive about it. A single developer only has so much bandwidth - by
    farming tasks out to others - and giving them full control - you substantially
    increase your throughput without having to put in more energy.

  • Be transparent - it's ok to have commercial goals with your project. Just
    make sure that the community knows about it and is not surprised to learn about

  • Be nice - not many succeed at this, not many are truely able to ignore
    religion (vi vs. emacs). This also means to be welcoming to newbies, to hustle
    at conferences, to engage the community as opposed to announcing changes.

Overall good advise for those starting or working on an OSS project and seeking
to increase visibility and reach.

If you want to learn more on what other talks were given at ApacheCon NA or want to follow up in more detail on some of the talks described here check out the slides archive online.