Apache Mahout 0.3 released

Apache Mahout 0.3 released #

This week, Apache Mahout 0.3 was released. First of all thanks to all committers and contributors who made that possible: Thanks for all your hard work on making the code even faster and integrating even more algorithms.

To the highlights:

  • New: math and collections modules based on the high performance Colt library
  • Faster Frequent Pattern Growth(FPGrowth) using FP-bonsai pruning
  • Parallel Dirichlet process clustering (model-based clustering algorithm)
  • Parallel co-occurrence based recommender
  • Parallel text document to vector conversion using LLR based ngram generation
  • Parallel Lanczos SVD(Singular Value Decomposition) solver
  • Shell scripts for easier running of algorithms, utilities and examples

      … and much much more: code cleanup, many bug fixes and performance improvements. Check out the new release and watch for further news on Apache Mahout to come in the next days and weeks.

      Details on what’s included can be found in the release notes.

      Downloads are available from the Apache Mirrors