Apache Lunch in Portugal

Apache Lunch in Portugal #

Just read on the Apache community mailing list that inspired by our Apache Dinner Berlin people in Porto are organising an Apache Lunch event. As with the dinner here in Berlin, anyone who is interested in Apache is welcome to join - no need to be a committer or even ASF member ;)

If you are living close to Porto, or always wanted to visit the city - after all it’s a very beautiful place, there is a beach close by, there are many tasty restaurants - don’t hesitate to get in touch with the organisers:

My xmpp is: fdmanana@gmail.com. Feel free to add me.

People interested in coming, let us known your availability during the 2
first weeks of August.

So, if you are interested in Apache head over to Filipe - I’d love to be there, however my summer vacation ended one week ago. Wish you guys a lot of fun.