Apache Dinner Berlin - August 2010

Apache Dinner Berlin - August 2010 #

Simon (Willnauer) just sent around the following e-mail. If you have some time left next Monday evening, come join us in Yogihaus: For tasty Indian food, geeky discussions and a generally beautiful evening.

Unlike the other dinner mails this one is not a poll, it’s an announcement. Some Apache folks are in town next monday (9th of August) so we decided to have a Apache Dinner with a short term notice. If you plan to come please shoot me a quick heads-up and I count you in!

We will meet at http://www.restaurant-yogihaus-berlin.de/ on Monday 9th of August at 7:30 pm. I will reserve a table for about 14 people (the average size of the last two meetings while gstein and his gang wasn’t counted :D)

Looking forward to meet you there on Monday!!


Looking forward to seeing you on Monday evening next week. Please do not forget to give Simon a quick heads-up if you are coming: Would be nice if our estimated number of guests would at least be close to the real number this time (instead of somewhere at 50% ;) ).

In the unlikely event that you can’t make it next Monday, please subscribe to our Apache Dinner Mailinglist to recieve further announcements. If you are not living in Berlin but are still interested in dropping in from time to time: Don’t worry we do take into account that schedules of people travelling here are tight and organise meetings accordingly.

Update: Corrected year - must have mixed that up with another conference’s kick off meeting that takes place today…