Apache Con – Wrap up

Apache Con – Wrap up #

After one week of lots of interesting input the ASF’s user conference was over. With a focus on Apache software users quite a few talks are not too well suited for conference regulars but more or less targeted at newbies who want to know who too successfully apply the software. As a developer of Mahout with close ties to the Lucene and Hadoop community what is of course most interesting to me are stories of users putting the software into production.
The conference was well organised: The foundation features way more projects at the moment than can reasonably be covered in just one conference. As a result Apache Con only covers only a subset of what is being developed at Apache. As such more and more smaller community organised events are being run by individuals as well as corporations. Still Apache Con is a nice place to get in touch with other developers – and to get a glimpse of what is going on in project outsides ones own regular community.