Apache Con drawing closer

Apache Con drawing closer #

By November I will be traveling to Oakland - for me it is the first Apache Con US ever. And the first Apache Con I will be giving a talk in one of the main tracks:

I will be presenting Apache Mahout, give an overview of the project, of our current status and explain which problems can be solved with the current implementation. The talks will conclude with an outlook to upcoming tasks and features our users can expect in the near future.

There is great news already: First commercial users like Mippin are explaining their experiences with Mahout.

Currently, I am looking forward to meeting several Mahout (and Lucene, Hadoop, Solr, …) committers there. I met some at Apache Con EU already, but it’s always nice to talk to people in person who before one only knew from mailing lists. Of course I am also looking forward to having time to review and write code. Hope to see you there.

Update: Flights booked.